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Expand Your Esthetician Knowledge with True U Cosmetology School Online Classes & In-Person Classes in Chicago

Invest in your future with the finest courses and experts in the field of cosmetology. Our top rated esthetician training programs in Chicago present students with the hands-on knowledge they need to excel in their professional future in medical or general esthetics. Whether you complete your studies online or in person, you will finish with world-class information and experience.

Medical Esthetician Courses Online

There is a significant difference between a medical esthetician and one that works in a spa or a salon. Medical estheticians focus their practice directly in healthcare facilities, including dermatologists and plastic surgeons’ offices. To become a medical esthetician, more education and training are required. Our courses include a wide array of specially designed material alongside techniques and training on working in a medical setting. Advance your career and become a medical esthetician today with True U.

Regular Cosmetology

When it’s your dream to become the beauty expert and #1 cosmetologist in Chicago, our cosmetology school is the right choice for you. With a seemingly endless selection of online and in-person courses, you will learn everything you need to in your chosen specialty from industry leaders. At True U, you have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and become well-advanced in many different fields of beauty enhancement.

Online Classes
& Webinars

Day-to-day responsibilities are challenging to work around, but that doesn’t mean it should stop you from getting the information and training you need to get your dream job as an esthetician. Our online classes and webinars allow students to have the same opportunities as students present in courses. Allow for our team to help you accomplish all of your goals with unmatched teachings.

Why Choose True U for Esthetician Online Classes

True U isn’t just a regular, everyday school for aspiring estheticians. We are a CE Sponsored school in Chicago. As we wear that badge proudly, our team and partners always go the extra step for all of our students. We believe that for a student to truly rise to the top of their field, they need personalized attention alongside the best material and expertise. Our staff provides different medical and general esthetician courses in Chicago so that future estheticians can choose and learn about what they are passionate about.

Our courses leave students knowledgeable and eager to continue in their field. Alongside our staff of beauty enhancement experts, we are partnered with some of the most respected general estheticians, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists in the area. More advanced than any other cosmetology school in Chicago, True U provides its students both online and in-person learning opportunities with hands-on education from specialists with decades of experience. When it comes to your future, trust in True U!

Unique Opportunities you Recieve at True U with Esthetician Training Courses

Future Jobs

Boasting many partnerships throughout the Chicagoland area allows us to provide our students with opportunities to obtain a job following completion. While many of our partners teach courses or classes at the school, the techniques and strategies you learn will be directly applicable.

On the Job Skills Training

True U is situated right next to a doctor’s office. This gives students the one-of-a-kind chance to take everything they acquire in the classroom and apply it hands-on with patients. Unlike other beauty schools in Chicago, we believe the best way for students to truly master the art of cosmetology is for them to do it instead of just reading about it.

Research / Publish

Researching and publishing findings is an essential part of higher education, and luckily for our students, they have the possibility to do just that. With a state-of-the-art research facility on-site, students will have ample chances to further their knowledge in the field and share any techniques, treatments, and findings that they uncover.

Are You Thinking About a Future in Cosmetology? Here’s Why it’s the Right Decision

True U Education Program - FAQ

What are the main courses taught?

Advanced exfoliation techniques

• Patient safety and product care

• Dermaplaning

• chemical peeling

• Brow lamination 

• Lash Lift

• Laser Physics + Light Therapy and safety

• Medical Modalities

*Note – these are just a few of the many online and in-person courses that we teach.

Where can I find the courses, how much they cost, and the materials I need?

You can find everything you need to get started today, here at our True U Bookstore.

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